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MCKS Meditation on Twin Hearts calendar

This calendar is a service project of American Pranic Healing Association to help share this meditation with the public.  All meditations listed here are free and open to the public.  Simply click through the event link and you’ll find details about how to register with the organization hosting the meditation.

Meditation on Twin Hearts is an advanced mediation technique that enhances your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. This a powerful guided meditation session aimed at achieving inner peace and collective harmony. This practice serves as an oasis of calm and positivity, offering us a chance to recharge and deepen our connection with ourselves and the larger Pranic Healing community.

“Twin Hearts” refers to the heart and the crown energy center, which get activated when we bless the earth with loving kindness.  This facilitates the flow of spiritual energy, which benefits us and the word on many levels.  This is a guided meditation structured around the Prayer of St. Frances, and is very easy to follow.  Most people find immediate benefit from this meditation. 

If practiced regularly, Meditation Twin Hearts has been shown to bring about deep transformation in physical and psychological well-being.

New meditation opportunities are added regularly, so please check back often.  Thank you for your interest and be well!

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